Scrambled Egg & Mushroom

The other night I spotted this giant mushroom in the fridge whilst cooking dinner, and thought “mmmm…. that would be nice with some scrambled egg for breakfast”. So, next morning, that’s exactly what I did.

The mushroom was fried with a little oil. Only a small amount is needed, because once the mushroom starts to cook, it will start to ‘sweat’. A bit of butter does enhance the taste though. A good tip is to remove the stalk first, otherwise the mushroom will not lie down flat and cook evenly (as I found 1/2 way through cooking!). In every house I’ve ever lived in, I’ve managed to set off the smoke alarm cooking mushrooms. I’ve never burnt them, but seem to produce a silly amount of smoke when cooking them. My mother once said that I cook them too fast, so probably she’s right!

I’m quite often lazy with scrambled eggs, and cook them in the microwave. But that’s too noisy early in the morning (!), so this time I used a pan. Non-stick is really essential for scrambled eggs, as they bind so suddenly. I start by melting a little butter in the pan, then cracking in the egg, whisking it, then adding in a little skimmed milk. Stir continuously until the mixture reaches a firm consistency.

For a real scrambled egg treat, use extra yolks. A few weeks ago I made souffles that required 4 egg whites, so I retained the 4 yolks, and used them the next morning along with 2 other eggs to make an absolutely dreamy scrambled egg.

Serve on buttered toast, and add salt and pepper.


2 Responses to “Scrambled Egg & Mushroom”

  1. mmm – those eggs look really good – very creamy

  2. Yum! I love mushrooms. Shame I didn’t appreciate them when we had the opportunity to pick wild ones when I was a child.

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