Raisin out! The Revels Eviction

News for chocolate fans! In a Big Brother style eviction, Mars are letting consumers decide which flavour should be given the boot. This is just a short term expulsion, as a limited edition flavour will be introduced for a short time. The flavour has not yet been announced.

The current flavours are:

Coffee, Orange, Chocolate, Caramel, Malteasers, and Raisin.

Personally I have voted to get rid of the Raisin – bleugh.  It recently replaced the Peanut flavour, which is a big mistake as far as I’m concerned. As I write this, Raisin is in 2nd place with 28% of the votes. Coffee (which I would be voting for if it wasn’t for the Raisin) takes the lead with 36% of the votes.

Voting is here, so go on, VOTE RAISIN OUT! Your selection will be disposed of in the fashion of your choice, my particular favourite being the Thelma & Louise drive off the cliff.

For the more dedicated fans, you can join in the debate on Facebook. And let’s wait and see what the new flavour is. Strawberry maybe? Bleugh again!


3 Responses to “Raisin out! The Revels Eviction”

  1. i tjink raisin shud b out coz no1 even likes it. y eat a dried up grape > YUCK !!! . i personly like coffee . no i LOVE it so please please please dont evict coffee !! xx

  2. I HATE the raisin flavour.

  3. i love raisin!!!!!!! i want the caramel out out out!!!!!!

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