Goodbody’s Revisited

One of my first posts on this blog (‘Weekends are for Brunch“) was about the great British cooked brunch or breakfast, and I recommended Goodbody’s Cafe Diner in Plymouth.

A few weeks ago we were back in Plymouth as part of our holiday, and could not miss out on an excellent breakfast.  Goodbody’s Cafe Diner can be found just off Mutley Plain, and is easily identified by the collection of Minis on the roof.

Goodbody’s offer an amazing selection of breakfasts. There is a range of standard choices that use the usual ingredients – bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, beans – in a variety of different sized portions. Then there is a range of imaginative, bizarre, and wholly tongue-in-cheek options. For example, the Scottish breakfast includes scotch pancakes, and the Devonshire breakfast includes scones.  For a taste of the US, a breakfast with pancakes and maple syrup is available.

I usually go for the Brunch (which comes with chips), so my husband was bemused when I announced that this time I would try something different. It was a difficult choice, but as I am Welsh, I opted for the ‘Welsh Breakfast’ – egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, beans, and the specialist component – cheese on toast.  The cheese on toast had been made with chopped red onion, which is a combination that I intend trying at home sometime.  My husband opted for the ‘Big Breakfast’, which to my eye was huge but by no means the smallest dish on offer. Mugs of tea and coffee, and pints of juice accompanied our food.  Once again, we weren’t disappointed, and I can still recommend a visit to Goodbody’s cafe diner, whether you are visitor or resident.


7 Responses to “Goodbody’s Revisited”

  1. Will have to try this one. I only live 30 miles from Plymouth. We were actually there for the flavour fest festival at the weekend!

  2. helenphillips Says:

    We were in Plymouth for the flavour fest last year, it was quite interesting. I seem to remember we had awesome hog roast with stuffing rolls.
    Look out for more of my posts regarding Plymouth & Cornwall to follow :0)

  3. Martiena Says:

    Do you know if the breakfasts are served all day? I heard they do an Indian breakfast which would be right up my boyfriend’s street!

  4. helenphillips Says:

    Hi Martiena, Yes I’m pretty sure they serve all day :0)

  5. Dave Baker Says:

    An easy stagger from a good real ale pub the Fortescue only 100m away. Goodbodys has changed a little since I used to have my second lunch a day there forty years ago when i was a hungry boarder at nearby public school Plymouth College. Goodbodys, the ideal social mish mash in a friendly bustling atmosphere with most importantly huge portions of good quick basic tasty food.

  6. An amzing diner with a great variety of food and drink. They even do a great vegetarian breakfast which is a decent size as well at a good price. Can’t wait to go there again.

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