Lazy Dinners

I’m sure even the most dedicated cook has nights when they’d rather not be slaving over a hot stove. In my case, this is quite often(!), but I prefer to avoid convenience foods where possible.

This week I’ve been struggling this week, but have managed to put some meals together that are quick & dirty but delicious.

Sunday night I couldn’t face eating my Sunday roast, so plated up my share, and put it away in the fridge. Monday evening I faced the challenge of warming it up, without the aid of a microwave. I heated a little olive oil in a frying pan, and threw in the vegetables to gently warm them up. The meat was lamb steak, so I sliced it, then also added it to the pan along with gravy. Topped with some mint sauce, and followed by some plastic bread to mop up the gravy, it was delicious.

Tonight’s dish also involved using left over boiled potatoes from the weekend. These were warmed in some butter, so they were slightly browned. The meat element was chicken thighs, roasted in the oven. On the side I had a delicious salad – Tesco’s Finest Tomato & Mozzarella, which comes with rocket and a basil infused dressing.  Very minimal effort required, but fantastic tasting.


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