Gone too long

I’ve sorely neglected ‘Hel’s Kitchen’ this year, but it was still a shock when I realised exactly how long it had been since I last posted an entry. It’s been an odd year, and my current kitchen doesn’t fill me with inspiration. Still, it’s about time I started writing again. WordPress has a few more gizmos since I was last here, so it may mean a few changes to the blog appearance. I may also write about other stuff that’s not food, hence the slight change to the tag line.

I started kickboxing about 4 months ago – today was my first grading. The meanies didn’t tell us whether we had passed, so that’s news still to come. It’s meant some gradual improvements to my shape, but no weight lost despite the masses of calories it burns. So, I can only conclude my diet needs significant improvement! I have an interest in low GI recipes, so that may reflect in the upcoming posts – in fact, the next one planned is the Chicken Fried Rice we had for dinner tonight. Yesterday I discovered the Food Focus website, that allows me to keep a food diary and track of calories – for free!

So, here’s to (another) fresh start!


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