Putting away the Decorations

So, 2nd day of the year in, and I’m managing to keep up the blog. I can’t help but think that my enthusiasm will wane when I return to work next week. How many times are you supposed to do something for it to become habit?

Today we woke up, and Swindon was white. We seem to be the only part of the country that hasn’t been affected by the adverse weather conditions over the Christmas period – you could drive 30 minutes in any direction and see lots of snow, but here we just had a dusting one night last week. And then again last night. I don’t think we’re especially snowed in though!

As we didn’t have a proper tree this Christmas (just a 1ft fibre optic job!), I got sucked into buying lovely bits and pieces (including the blocks below) from dotcomgiftshop to display around the place to make it seem a bit festive. But today, the Christmas decorations went away. I thought I should do it before dreaded Monday comes around, and I have to go back to work.

I had a bit of a sort – the tatty decorations have been slung. The tinsel, baubles and all sorts of other shiny things have been wrapped in bubble wrap and packed into an archive box. The Christmas cards have been recycled in my usual fashion, with the scissors put to good use making gift labels ready for next year’s haul.  And now all that remains is to see where the box will be opened next year!

January 2nd 2010 - Noel's End


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