A mini spring clean

Day 3 of the year, and I fear my photos are becoming dull already! Today has mostly be spent doing a bit of spring cleaning. Between watching Pirates of the Caribbean that is (nhttps://helenphillips.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=304&message=6umbers 2 & 3). Nothing too drastic, as spring is still a few months off.  I suspect it’s pretty much the same level as most people do once Christmas is over.  Somehow, I have managed 2 weeks off work without doing any real housework. The surfaces in the bedroom needed dusting, and I had piles of clothes waiting to be rammed into drawers. I gleefully sorted through the Sanctuary and other goodies I had for Christmas. I may have slotted a pretty but excess wash bag (that came as part of a set) into the charity bag along with some books, clothes, and the fibre optic Christmas Tree. I even cleaned the windows, but there’s still a pile of paperwork in there that needs sorting – maybe I’ll get to that after dinner!

As it is the first Sunday of the year, we are having our first Sunday roast too. I would have taken a photo of the chicken, but I’ve already disassembled it. The carcass is bubbling away in a pot of water, and I’m looking forward to the dishes we’re planning later in the week, made from the stock and leftover meat. I suspect it won’t be long before a food photo features! Actually, now I come to think about it, we are having home made stuffing tonight. I made a huge batch at Christmas, and froze the excess. For anyone who hasn’t tried making their own before, I can’t recommed it enough. We have this festive concoction of Chestnut, Bacon and Cranberry, thanks to the Good Food recipe website.

January 3rd 2009 - Spring Cleaning


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