The Countdown Begins

Yesterday I did a Very Scary Thing at work. I handed in my resignation. And if all goes to plan, we will be doing a Marginally Scary Thing in April. We’ll be relocating, approximately 4000 miles away, across the Atlantic Ocean to a new continent. Minneapolis in fact, described by Stephen Fry as the coldest city in the USA!  Britain is in the grip of a ‘Big Freeze’, with local temperatures tonight expected to be -14°C (6.8°F), but this is nothing to what we can expect next winter. Today’s temperature is -23°C / -9.4°F, gulp!

Disappointing, I haven’t been able to get out and about to take any snow photos yet. But tomorrow is Saturday, so hopefully I can wander around locally and make up for it.

So, thus far this week, my photos have mostly been of food (surprise, surprise!).  One of my favourite things to do after having roast chicken on a Sunday is to make stock from the carcass, and (among other things) then to make soup. This week’s was a bit of a variation on the usual, but consisted of chicken(!), mushrooms, carrots, spring onions, sweetcorn, and teeny bit of ginger. A glug of sweet chilli sauce adds a bit of tang, and some tomatoes thrown in near cooking completion adds to the flavour.  Served with some wholemeal rolls, it’s delicious, warming and pretty healthy. And yet another opportunity to make sure I’m getting lots of veg.

Chicken Soup

A few days I posted my recipe for Tagliatelle al Ragu and tonight we had the leftovers, served with a rather delicious (and healthy!) salad, consisting of mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, celery and spring onions. I was sadly excited to discover Balsamic Glaze a few months ago, because now I can make my dishes look pretty as well as tasty!

January 8th 2010 - Salad!


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