Bored, Bored, Bored!

I love snow, I really do, but it’s got boring. I’m stuck without a car this week because of it, and although getting to work isn’t a problem, it means I’m pretty much grounded in the evenings when I’d usually be out at my kickboxing class. Luckily Thursday night’s session is walking distance, so I’ll have a late opportunity to combat the cabin fever.

So, my blog is mostly reverting back to it’s roots this week, as I’ve been making myself some delicious meals (for one!). Last night was Salmon (a rare treat), and tonight I made a Risotto.

Last night I joined WeightWatchers . I have 3 months until we move to the US, and I really could do with shifting some weight before I give in to the temptation of mouth-wateringly huge portions of ribs! The cashback site, Quidco are currently running a £30 cashback promotion if you join WeightWatchers through them, and WeightWatchers are currently running an ‘no joining fee’ offer on their 3 month package, which is £29.95. So, effectively I have joined for free! Now I just have to remember to cancel at the right time!


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