About Hel’s Kitchen

MeHello, and welcome to Hel’s Kitchen.

To briefly introduce myself – I am Helen, a 30-something  woman, who is obsessed with photography and food. This year (2010) promises to be an exciting year for me, as we (me & my husband) are in the process of relocating from the UK to Minneapolis.

My blog was born in 2008, when I decided that it was time to make more of my hobbies and start a blog. The blog started out as purely food orientated, but now it’s expanding out of the Kitchen and into rooms, and hopefully will serve as an interesting documentation of our Big Move.

I would like to accept credit of the blog’s imaginative name, but I have a habit of missing the obvious. The name came from one of a group of friends that I met through a photography project. She would rather remain anonymous, but she knows who she is!

I took up photography as a hobby at the start of 2007. I am one of a group of people that got together with the aim of cataloguing the year with a photo for each day. Along the way, I gained a little skill, and a lot of love for the camera. My equipment consists of a Canon a710 that is always in my bag, but I also have a DSLR, also a Canon, which is the 400D model.

I have been cooking for myself as long as I can remember, but it is only in recent years that I have become more adventurous and experimental. Gaining more space in the kitchen has been a factor, and with the popularity of celebrity chefs, more exotic and varied ingredients have become available. Like most people I have a busy lifestyle, so on a daily basis I prefer to cook foods that are quick and simple, but are at the same time tasty. I like to know what is going into my food, and enjoy the flexibility that cooking from scratch gives me.

I have a shelf full of cook books in my kitchen, but the one most used is 1001 Recipes by Alexa Stace. It was given to me by mother when I was a student, and not only was a wonderful source for basic recipes, but has a good selection of British and International cuisine. Ten years on, and I still use the same Chicken Stock recipe, as well as a number of other favourites. My other big influence comes from my collection of Gordon Ramsay books. I was first drawn by the colourful pictures, and then by the fantastic ingredients, and the straightforward explanations. Both Fast Food, and Sunday Lunch group recipes together that complement each other, which can be inspirational when creating my own dinners.

So, for whatever reasons you have come by these pages, I hope that you enjoy reading my sometimes rambling tales, and also my photographs.


3 Responses to “About Hel’s Kitchen”

  1. Great photos! They make me want to dive into the food!

  2. Hi!
    I’m Mary and I have blog http://delicious-vegetables.blogspot.com/ about vegetables. I means recipes from vegetables that I make for my family.

    Can we do link exchange? I already put your blog https://helenphillips.wordpress.com/ to my blogroll. Add me too?


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