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Baked Eggs

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I’ve been needing a break in my breakfast routine, so I was excited to come across Baked Eggs in Gordon Ramsay’s ‘World Kitchen’. Apparently it’s a British recipe that in my 30-odd years has thus far bypassed me.  However, a quick Google shows me that there are billions of variations – from plain eggs cooked in ramekins without any added ingredients, to some with more exotic ingredients, to eggs baked in edible cups. Some are single portions, other use bigger ramekins for double eggs.

Gordon’s recipe uses wild mushrooms and cream, of which I had neither, so I improvised and adapted. I had some ordinary white mushrooms, and milk in the fridge, so they would have to do. I have ramekins that are 3.5″/9cm in diameter (perfect for soufflé!) and as I was hungry (and possibly a bit greedy), I filled 2 of them. Whilst preparing the ingredients, the oven was pre-heated to 375°F / 190ºC.  The step I forgot was to lightly grease the dishes to avoid sticking (so take this as a tip!).

I sliced the mushrooms into small pieces (I used 3, but could have used a few more to really pack out the dish), and one very small onion (it was actually the size of a large shallot). These were then pan fried with some melted butter (obviously a bit of olive oil would be a bit healthier). Be careful not to cook the mushrooms for more than a few minutes, as they will continue to cook in the oven. The mixture was then divided into the 2 ramekins, and I used a spoon to create a hollow like a volcano crater. The eggs are then broken into the hollow (for once I managed not to break either yolk!).

I then spooned a little milk around the edges of each bowl, and added some seasoning, and then put the pots into the oven. I started checking progress after 10 minutes, but it actually took 15 minutes before I was satisfied. This resulted in properly cooked egg white, but a lovely runny yolk.  I served with some slices of hot toast, and a spoon to scoop the contents onto the toast, or directly into my mouth. I think this is a dish that is a bit fiddly to do every morning, but is one I definitely will be experimenting further with in the future.


Goodbody’s Revisited

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One of my first posts on this blog (‘Weekends are for Brunch“) was about the great British cooked brunch or breakfast, and I recommended Goodbody’s Cafe Diner in Plymouth.

A few weeks ago we were back in Plymouth as part of our holiday, and could not miss out on an excellent breakfast.  Goodbody’s Cafe Diner can be found just off Mutley Plain, and is easily identified by the collection of Minis on the roof.

Goodbody’s offer an amazing selection of breakfasts. There is a range of standard choices that use the usual ingredients – bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, beans – in a variety of different sized portions. Then there is a range of imaginative, bizarre, and wholly tongue-in-cheek options. For example, the Scottish breakfast includes scotch pancakes, and the Devonshire breakfast includes scones.  For a taste of the US, a breakfast with pancakes and maple syrup is available.

I usually go for the Brunch (which comes with chips), so my husband was bemused when I announced that this time I would try something different. It was a difficult choice, but as I am Welsh, I opted for the ‘Welsh Breakfast’ – egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, beans, and the specialist component – cheese on toast.  The cheese on toast had been made with chopped red onion, which is a combination that I intend trying at home sometime.  My husband opted for the ‘Big Breakfast’, which to my eye was huge but by no means the smallest dish on offer. Mugs of tea and coffee, and pints of juice accompanied our food.  Once again, we weren’t disappointed, and I can still recommend a visit to Goodbody’s cafe diner, whether you are visitor or resident.

Poached Egg on Toast

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Yes, it’s another breakfast egg post….
I love a simple poached egg on toast, and as a bonus they’re pretty healthy.
However, I have never managed to poach egg ‘properly’. There are probably many theories on how to do this, but the most popular is:
Boil a Pan of water
Swirl the water to create a vortex
Drop in the egg.

I have been told that it is important that you have extremely fresh eggs.
I have also been told that it is important that you use eggs that have been kept in the fridge. I don’t keep mine in the fridge, so perhaps that’s why mine go horribly wrong.
So, I cheat. I use a poaching pan. It consists of a tray that holds 4 removable plastic pots. Boiling water is poured into the bottom of the pan, and the pots sit in this. Each pot needs to be greased with butter to prevent the egg from sticking. The eggs are then broken into the pots, and are cooked over the simmering water for approx 5-6 minutes (depending on size). Some people think that eggs cooked this way are a bit rubbery, but I find them to be delicious. And they do look rather amusing centred on a piece of toast….

For another alternative (and interesting!) method, follow the advice at the bottom of this link.

Soft Boiled Eggs & Soldiers

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I’ve got a stinking cold at the moment, and we didn’t make it to midnight last night. I did peep through the window when I heard the fireworks going off though!

Eddie made us boiled eggs this morning. This one is mine, served in an egg cup that I’ve had for around 25 years. There used to be a plate, and possibly a mug too, but I guess they got broken sometime over the years.

Now, I’m sure that there could be some debate about how to boil the perfect egg, but the technique perfected by Team Phillips is as follows:
Boil water in kettle
Place egg(s) in empty pan
Once water is boiled, carefully pour into pan (Eddie’s theory is that this avoid thermal shocking the eggs and making them crack)
Put on the heat for 5 minutes for medium, 6 for large.
In the meantime, toast bread, and butter.
I then prefer to cut off the crusts for dipping in the perfectly runny yolk, then spoon the remainder of the egg onto the remainder of the toast. Eddie also adds pepper.

However you eat yours, what better start to the New Year?