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Poached Egg on Toast

Posted in Breakfast, Cooking, Food, Home Cooked Food with tags , , , , on January 13, 2008 by helenphillips

Yes, it’s another breakfast egg post….
I love a simple poached egg on toast, and as a bonus they’re pretty healthy.
However, I have never managed to poach egg ‘properly’. There are probably many theories on how to do this, but the most popular is:
Boil a Pan of water
Swirl the water to create a vortex
Drop in the egg.

I have been told that it is important that you have extremely fresh eggs.
I have also been told that it is important that you use eggs that have been kept in the fridge. I don’t keep mine in the fridge, so perhaps that’s why mine go horribly wrong.
So, I cheat. I use a poaching pan. It consists of a tray that holds 4 removable plastic pots. Boiling water is poured into the bottom of the pan, and the pots sit in this. Each pot needs to be greased with butter to prevent the egg from sticking. The eggs are then broken into the pots, and are cooked over the simmering water for approx 5-6 minutes (depending on size). Some people think that eggs cooked this way are a bit rubbery, but I find them to be delicious. And they do look rather amusing centred on a piece of toast….

For another alternative (and interesting!) method, follow the advice at the bottom of this link.